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1. Commercial & Trade content

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Bark creates digital content that engages, and is proud to showcase its PG Bison project.

PG Bison initially approached Bark to assist with a content marketing strategy to engage its business customers: designers, architects, retailers, wholesalers, and installers. 

Whilst the audience (customer) is defined as a 'business' customer, the categories are varied and also include consumers - this presented a complex challenge.


The project was strategised, and the content goals and pillars defined - to engage each customer category, but still remain of interest to the audience as a whole. 

Bark applied all the elements of: inspiration, education, and entertainment - focussing on the customer and the business needs, and wrapped it up in a punchy, sexy design - a digital magazine called ONtrend, circulated by emailer/newsletter and promoted quarterly to PG Bison's customers. 

The ONtrend brand was extended into blog content on PG Bison's website plus social media and newsletters - extending reach, growing the audience, and maximising ROI.

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2. Thought Leadership content

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Bark entered a JV with Aprio Digital, to produce digital magazines for Absa Africa, Absa Home Loans, and Consol Glass (now Ardagh Packaging).


Absa's magazines (Evolve and The Address), contain thought-leadership content, positioning Absa as a go-to source for financially related, thought provoking content, relevant to the audience needs.


The audiences are: stakeholders and shareholders, governments, regulators, and corporate clients. The objective of Evolve content is to raise Absa's profile in Africa, where it recently replaced the Barclays Africa brand. The Address serves the commercial property market, also with thought leadership styled content.

Consol Glass Clarity has a slightly broader audience, but content is also written by specialist journalists, with Bark's content marketing insights shaping the style and presentation of the thought-leadership styled content.

The magazines are published quarterly; Evolve issue #1 went live in October 2018, Clarity was launched in Dec 2019, and The Address launched in Dec 2020.

(NB. COVID pandemic affected some publication dates in 2020).

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3. Multi-platform content 

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Bark is contracted to create digital content projects for Restonic SA since 2019.


The project incorporates several platforms to optimise audience reach:

  - digital newsletter 

  - web blogs 

  - social media 

The output is that budget is optimised, by integrating the available platforms to create a cost efficient strategy and maximise audience reach.

The content is written by specialists in the field, with strategic management by Bark. Content is repurposed on web and social media, to further extend reach and create audience growth.

Bark is proud to have Restonic SA as its newest client and already the digital content has grown into areas including:

- web blogs

- digital newsletter

- social media

- PR

- Print & news media

4. Web design and production

Bark's web designers can create, update, redesign, maintain, and administer web platforms.

We have experience in B2B and B2C websites, including complex designs to incorporate product listings and and supplier portal requirements, with a focus on a positive user experience.

Click on image to view Bark's website design for MAXE Automotive Products

5. Video and Infographic content

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Video and infographic content is an essential inclusion on the menu of customer engagement. Bark conceptualizes video content, then contracts and manages experienced specialists to produce video material.

We build video and infographic content into the overall strategy, so that it enhances content engagement, and supports the content strategy.

Naturally the repurposing of video content on web and social media platforms is a must, to maximise reach and views of each piece of content created.

6. Print conversion to digital content

Communications has embraced digital, and whilst print still plays a role, content must be available online. 

Bark will repurpose and convert your printed material to engaging online content. The conversion is quick and economical. Let's repurpose your print to digital, and maximise its value.

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