A simple story....

.....told and presented well, creates a bond with the reader - your audience.

It engages, guides and leads the audience on a journey.

The destination is predetermined. It's the point at which the reader will act and engage at a deeper level - it's the point where content marketing works.


This is our our objective - to create content that will entice and inspire your audience (customers) to engage with your products or services, at a deeper level.


We apply a simple but effective blend of creativity and tech, with liberal doses of inspiration, entertainment and education.

We produce and package content that serves the customer, adding value so that, subliminally, the brand is the hero - the ongoing ripple effect of this is where the true value of content is realised.

It was put to us recently:

..."our biggest challenge is communicating the strategy so that it's appealing, interesting and appropriate for our diverse and far-spread audience. We want, no, we need them to engage and act on many different levels."

What a great challenge, and one that's not uncommon - what is uncommon though, is the level of success we'll achieve in reaching this goal.

What are your challenges? We'd love to hear them - better still, we'd love to solve them.

Bark! is based in Gauteng, South Africa.

c: +27 (0)83 252 8383

e: mark@barkcontent.com

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